Race Information

Dorney Lake Triathlon
Sunday 13th June 2021

Address: Dorney Lake, Windsor,

We highly recommend using What3Words to find the exact locations of:

The main entrance Gate – ///pounds.same.fears
Event Village – ///neat.places.clay

Parking: Free parking is available at Dorney Lake and will be signposted as you enter the venue.

Time trial wave starts from:

Sprint Triathlon – 7:00am
Standard Triathlon – 8:00am

Please note: We expect it to take around 30 minutes to get everyone started in each race.

Registration opens at:

  • 5:30am – Sprint distance
  • 6:30am – Standard distance

Please listen closely to all marshal instructions and remember to keep a safe distance from the participants around you as you are guided to the start line.

Thank you for entering the Dorney Lake Triathlon. Dorney Lakes Events advise you to read this information carefully in advance of Sunday 13th June (race day) so that you can enjoy the event to its fullest!

The most important part of this information is that you MUST NOT attend the event if you feel at all unwell in the lead up or on the day of the event. It is vital that we know exactly who is attending this event so you must not give your race number to any other person if you can’t attend this event.

If you have been in an affected place, been in contact with someone with coronavirus or had any symptoms in the last 14 days please refrain from attending the race. For further guidance please visit the NHS website HERE.

Before Attending

We would like all competitors to mark their own right hand with their race number using a permanent marker.

Your race number can be found HERE from Saturday 12th June.

If you don’t have a marker then we will provide pens and disinfectant at registration.

Event Briefing

An online race briefing has been recorded and is available to view HERE.

There will be no event briefing on event day so you MUST watch the video before attending the event.


Due to venue regulations, spectators are strictly banned from the event and will not be permitted access to the site.


There will be Portaloos within the registration area and the holding area before beginning your swim.

There will be hygiene hubs around the event village, please sanitise your hands before and after use of the toilets.

Registration on the day

Open from:

  • Sprint distance athletes – 5:30am
  • Standard distance athletes – 6:30am

Please register on the day of your event.

At registration you will be required to give the name you used to sign up to the event online. In exchange, you will be given an envelope with your name and race number on it. Inside you will find:
1) Your race numbers (must be on the back for bike and front for run)
2) Timing chip (must be worn on the left ankle)
3) 4 Safety pins (Additional pins at registration if not using a number belt)
4) Zone 3 swim cap
5) Sticker for your bike
6) Sticker for your helmet

Please could you bring your own pen to fill in the medical details on the reverse of the race number. We will also not be providing hole punches for race numbers.

Once you are registered we would like you to prepare your race essentials before heading into the transition area to minimise the amount of time competitors are in this area.

It is also suggested (but not compulsory) that athletes wear face masks whilst setting up their transition area.

Race Rules 

Key points:

  • Swim hats are compulsory and will be provided
  • Wetsuits are mandatory below a water temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and prohibited above 22 degrees Celsius. Water temperature will be taken on the morning of the race and not beforehand. We will not be able to provide ANY information on the water temperature until the morning of the race.
  • Correctly fitted and structurally sound helmets are mandatory on the bike.
  • You must mount your bike AFTER the mount line and dismount BEFORE the dismount line.
  • Drafting is strictly prohibited on the bike (BTF Drafting Explanation)
  • You must abide by the Highway Code at all times on the bike
  • Headphones are strictly prohibited during all legs of the race
  • This is an individual effort. Outside assistance is strictly prohibited

British Triathlon – Drafting Rules Explained


Failure to comply with race rules will result in disqualification and no finish time.


Although the transition area will be marshalled at all times your equipment is not covered by our or British Triathlon’s insurance. Insurance companies are available to cover your equipment from theft and damage whilst you are competing. ATW, RunThrough and British Triathlon will not be held responsible for lost or damaged belongings at the event.


Only race officials and competitors are allowed inside the transition area.

Before entry to transition will be granted you must:
– Show your bike and helmet stickers are correctly adhered to your bike and helmet
– Show your race number will be visible on your back for the bike and on your front for the run
– Show your hand is marked with your race number
– Show your timing chip is correctly fitted to your left ankle with the number facing outwards
– Show your helmet fits correctly by wearing it with the strap done up
– Have a road-worthy bike
– A bag drop area will be provided within the transition area.

All racking is numbered. Please rack your bike by the saddle in your designated spot. Race marshals will be present inside the transition area to assist and offer guidance to those who require it.

The transition area will be open at the following times:

  • Sprint – 5:45am until 6:45am
  • Standard – 6:45am until 7:45am

There will be hand sanitising stations available to use before and after you go into the transition area to set up your race equipment.

Race Briefing

There will be no pre-race briefing at the event. Please make sure you have watched the online brief before event day.


Competitors will be called from the holding area in small groups to the lake start.
You must maintain a 2m gap between competitors whilst queueing to the lake start.
You will be asked to enter the water by our event starter.
The fastest swimmer will enter the water first.

The swim loop is a 750m clockwise loop for the sprint distance.
The swim loop is a 1500m clockwise loop for the standard distance.

We will not be able to assist you exiting the water but there is matting at the waters edge.



Please put your helmet on and do up the strap before un-racking your bike.

Run with your bike to the mount line and only mount your bike after you have crossed the line.


The course is marshalled and signed, so simply follow the instructions out on the road and you will be able to safely navigate the course.

After the bike leg has finished and you have dismounted before the dismount line, your helmet must remain secured until your bike is racked.


Ensure your race number is visible on your front before exiting transition to begin your run leg.

The course is run completely on concrete and will be signed and marshalled.

The course is a 5K loop out and back.

There will be no drinks station on the run course so you must take water with you if you think you’ll need a drink on the course.

Water will be available at the finish line.

Course Maps

All the course maps can be viewed HERE.


Address: Dorney Lake, Windsor,

We highly recommend using What3Words to find the exact locations of:

The main entrance Gate – ///pounds.same.fears
Event Village – ///neat.places.clay

The best method of travel to the event will be via car.

There is ample FREE parking next to the event village for all competitors.

Please arrive with plenty of time to get parked up and follow all guidance of the staff within the car park to get you parked as quickly as safely as possible.

Event Village

The Cafe within the Boathouse next to the Event Village will be open for the event if you would like to get any food or drinks before or after your race.

Post Event

When you have finished the event there will be a table with medals and sealed bottles of water. This will be self service.

After the finish funnel there will be another hand sanitising station for you to use.

Please note: The commentator will let you know when the transition area re-opens for bike collection. There is plenty of space to recover from the race within the event village area and we will get you in as soon as we can.

Please ensure you follow the one-way systems in place for exiting the transition area and for access back to the car park behind the Boathouse after your race.

We know there is a chance you’ll have friends, club mates and family running in the event but you will not be able to stay in the event village to see them finish. Instead it is requested that you go straight back to your vehicle and arrange to meet each other there.

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Love Corn have kindly provided some post race goodies for you all to try and can be collected from the finish line alongside water, bananas and of course flapjacks! To check out more of their product, see their website HERE.

Prize Presentations and Results

There will be no prize presentations at the event. Trophies will be posted out to the winners in the week after the event.

No results will be available to view at the event. The chip data requires WIFI access and occasionally we have to load this data in manually after the event if the connection is lost. If you have a query on your chip time please wait until the evening of the event before raising the query.

No results will be available to view at the event.

Results will be posted online HERE.

Final Word

Firstly we would like to say a huge thanks for putting your faith in Dorney Lake Events to deliver you a safe and enjoyable event.

We know things are going to be a very different to how events usually take place but we hope you will enjoy your race day experience.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation on putting on a safe triathlon event!

[email protected]